33 - it's a magic number!
posted by: Asjanja / 02.24.2008

One of the most charming members of the band Brian Littrell celebrates his 33rd Birthday. We congratulate him heartily on this wonderful date and wish him further success in his career, family happiness and let all of his dreams come true!

In light of this great event we uploaded a short but very funny video of Brian (2006). Recent news about Brian: he's nominated on Dove Awards with the song By His Wounds (v/a) and the album Glory Revealed (Brian took part in the album recording). Good luck!

Meanwhile videos from the first BSB concerts of the Unbreakable tour keep appearing in the Internet. You can download the videos here ("Concerts" section). Nick pleased his fans with his regular "travel reporting" - from Melbourne this time (the video can be found in the "Recent video-files" section).


Ready. Steady. Go!
posted by: Asjanja / 02.17.2008

Unbreakable Tour has just begun! The BSB kicked off with Japan as it was supposed.

If fans screaming, buzz, small picture and other sound and video effects from videotaped concert performances don't annoy you, in Concerts section you can download the videos from the first Backstreet Boys performance of the tour begun. Many thanks to jessyluau, tilinhahellokitty and kamiaz for these videos.

Keep up on tour dates on the official BSB site and... pack your suitcases! :)


Today is Nick's Birtday
posted by: Asjanja / 01.28.2008

28 years


30th Birthday
posted by: Asjanja / 01.09.2008

Alexander James McLean is celebrating his 30th Birthday today.

In 15 hours 45 minutes you'll be born again and realize that you're 30..... It's interesting what will you feel? Will you open your eyes and be lying in bed for a long time trying to become aware of your age? Or will you just spend this day carelessly celebrating like you did it before? In what kind of mood will you be? Melancholic? Depressed? Jolly? There's no sense to wish you something... cuz you listen to yourself only or odd people's advice.... Anyway our positive emotions will cross the ocean and reach the other hemisphere. You'll feel them when unmeaning smile appears on your face.
Be happy! Baby Bear!

Julia From Siberia
00:18 (+3 GMT)

Leave you own warm birthday wish for Alex on forums, guestbook or in tagboard.


Happy New Year!
posted by: Asjanja / 12.31.2007

Happy New Year

Dear friends! One of the most significant years in our fav band's history has come to the end. The Boys returned to the stage with their new album, two singles were released and two music videos were shot. This year there'll be more BSB songs and music videos and the BSB will have their great tour all over the world. Let's hope that this time the Backstreet Boys will not pass Russia by ;) We congratulate all of you on upcoming 2008 year and hope that fortune and happiness will never leave your home and kindness and love - your heart! May there'll be a lot of great music in your lifes!

And this is a New Year's present for you from the Backstreet Boys - the full version of Satellite (from upcoming single Helpless When She Smiles) is in the Audio section. Hope we don't have to remind you where the lyrics and the translation can be found ;) Thanks to Elke of track-back.com for the song.

You can also watch a New Year's and Christmas montage from Lika - just click!


The BSB lost another bachelor
posted by: Anny / 12.09.2007

The Backstreet Boys lost thier third bachelor on December, 8. OK Magazine says that Howie Dorough contracted matrimony with Leigh Boniello at St. James Cathedral in Orlando, FL.

The wedding ceremony was held in Catholic traditions, Howie's sisters Angie and Pollyanna were present there (the last one performed "Ave Maria" on the ceremony). Pics from the event will appear a little bit later.
We congratulate married couple!!!


BSB Videos
posted by: Asjanja / 11.20.2007

Boys started to shoot their new video Helpless When She Smiles on November, 13

Pics from this wonderful event can be found in the Gallery. We hope that the fans will like the video. And yet you can watch the Inconsolable video shooting in the Stop! Snyato TV show by Russian MTV. The show can be downloaded in the Video section (huge thanks for the video to Angel!).


Unbreakable is available in Russia now
posted by: Asjanja / 11.07.2007

The New Album

The Backstreet Boys' new album Unbreakable was released on October, 30. But not in Russia...

It seems like this time Sony BMG representatives forgot about the BSB fans from the "distant, cold and mysterious" country. Somehow or other, the album has only just begun to appear in Russian music stores. Hurry up to buy your own Unbreakable!
If you are laze and you can manage a credit card or you just wanna get the album almost to your home, then you can order it on Amazon.com

And if you haven't heard any songs from the new album (what if such people exists...:)), you have a great opportunity to do this in the next 3 hours! Today is the day of the Backstreet Boys on the Russian radio station Europa Plus! So turn your radio set on and enjoy :)


New songs
posted by: Asjanja/ 10.07.2007

Those who are looking forward to listent to the BSBoys' new album can make their expectation a little bit nicer - some new songs are available now.

You can find the clips of Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, Something That I Already Know, Unmistakable and the full version of Close My Eyes and Everything But Mine in the Audio section. The lyrics are in the Lyrics section as usual. In the Video section you can download the HQ version of Inconsolable music video and It still matters video - the team work of Howie and Gospellers, a Japanese band. Our huge thanks to bsbsquad for the videos.

If you are eager to discuss your fave band or share your opinions on different topics, you always can do it on our forums - click! We are glad to see newbies!


Happy Birthday, Kevin!
posted by: Asjanja/ 10.03.2007

36 years

Kevin has always been and will be the part of the Backstreet Boys. The years of his life, his music, songs, soul and heart are with them... Happy Birthday, Kevin!

The pic (c) Lika.


Some news about the album
posted by: Asjanja/ 09.26.2007

What kind of songs will there be in the Backstreet Boys' new album? Now we can judge them only by their names. Zomba Label Group site has provided us with some news about the band and a track listing for their new album.

The track listing for Unbreakable is:

1. Everything But Mine
2. Inconsolable
3. Something That I Already Know
4. Helpless When She Smiles
5. Any Other Way
6. One In A Million
7. Panic
8. You Can Let Go
9. Trouble Is
10. Treat Me Right
11. Love Will Keep You Up All Night
12. Unmistakable
13. Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

Other news about the band and the album can be found here.


Inconsolable video release
posted by: Asjanja/ 09.14.2007

It has come out!!! Watch the new video, rate it and share your impression with us!

You can watch the Backstreet Boys' new video Inconsolable online on Yahoo! Music or download it in the Video section. Whatever your impression is - joy or sadness, pleasure or disappointment - share it here in tagboard, the Guestbook or our forums.


Inconsolable video
posted by: Asjanja/ 09.13.2007

The "Inconsolable" video is in the list of upcoming music premieres on Yahoo! Music.

We hope that tomorrow we will be finally able to watch the long-awaited video of the Boys. But now there's news for MySpace customers: the official Backstreet Boys MySpace page has appeared. Add it to your Friends, write comments and take part in the contest - the winners will be at the Top Friends of the official BSB MySpace page. Also you have a chance to invite the guys to your city! Select your country and city on the Eventful site - just let them know how many fans want them to come! Well, dear Russians (Ukrainians, Byelorussians and the others), let's pitch in! ;)


They said... Russia???
posted by: Asjanja/ 08.23.2007

During one of their latest interviews on the Soft Rock 98.9 radio station AJ and Brian, speaking about their plans for the coming tour, said... (hold the breath!) RUSSIA!!!

Don't believe? Listen to it yourselves - CLICK! (huge thanks to www.bsbsquad.com). But it's too early to pack your things: plans are plans, but it is still too much time until the tour starts. At least - enough to change any plan. Our task is to prove that here, in Russia, Backstreet Boys concert can be easily sold out.


Congratulations on Howie's 34th Birthday!
posted by: Asjanja/ 08.22.2007

Happy Birthday

We wish you more warm joyful days, happy family life, lots of fans, inspiration and No. 1 hits!

The pic (c) Bezdomnaya


Video Shoot
posted by: Asjanja/ 08.18.2007

Brian BSB Nick Howie AJ

It seems like we will be able to see a long-awaited Backstreet Boys' video on their first single Inconsolable very soon. The video shoot was held on August, 16 in LA. Four girls, picked out for it, filmed together with the Boys. The photos can be found on www.bsbsquad.com

Since the release of Inconsolable on the Z100 the guys keep giving interviews on different radio stations. On August, 13 on 104.5 The Cat Brain and AJ finally announced the title of the album - Unbreakable (rather symbolical... but not all of the fans like it for it has already been used by Westlife). AJ promised to release his solo project at the beginning of the next year. The confirmation of his active work on the solo album was his new song Life is just performed on August, 12 at Brian's concert (you can download it in the Audio section).

So, the Backstreet Boys step up their career ladder, but they don't forget about their private life as well. A few days ago the great news appeared on www.people.com: Howie Dorough and his longtime girlfriend Leigh Boniello are engaged. They plan to marry later this year. Our warmest congratulations to the fiance and his fiancee! You can read the details about the latin lover Howie D's proposal on www.people.com.


Inconsolable on the radio
posted by: Asjanja/ 08.07.2007

The first single has been released a little bit earlier than expected. It happened today on New-York radio station Z100. Besides, in the interview the Backstreet Boys told the DJ and millions of listeners about the new album.

Its release is on October, 30, but it has no title yet. AJ said it would have much in common with Millennium as for the style: Pop, R'n'B and Dance. Then the Boys are leaving for the tour across the USA and the other countries. The whole interview was marvellous: the Boys were kidding as usual, speaking about Kevin's son, saying big thanks to their fans. They said that as long as people listen to their music they are ready to work at least 15 years :)

You can download the full version of Iconsolable in the Audio section.


Many a little
posted by: Asjanja/ 08.01.2007


We simply cannot ignore all the gossip about the Boy's triumphal comeback to the scene.

The Billboard site was the first to announce the release of the new album (October, 30) and the single Inconsolable on the USA radio stations (August, 27). Then Denis McLean asked the fans in her Backstreet Mom blog to press on Jive Records who, in her opinion, delay the release. After that on the TV Gazer site there appeared the information saying that the title of the new album would be Motivation. But neither Jive Records nor official BSB sites confirmed the information. By the way, www.backstreetboys.com has been changed: now fans try to guess what five pairs of shoes and the countdown coming to the null in about 12 days mean.

Well, choose what you like - believe the gossip, read the tea-leaves or just wait.


Vote for the Backstreet Boys!
posted by: Asjanja/ 07.09.2007

You can register and vote for the Backstreet Boys as the best band on JabraMusic site till July 20 so hurry up!

There is a pleasent change on our site: now you can subscribe for RSS-feeds on news and multimedia updates. If you know what RSS is like, you have a wonderful opportunity to subscribe right now! By the way, we are uploading Boys' unreleased songs in the Audio section.


The Richardsons became parents
posted by: Asjanja/ 07.05.2007

After all of gossip it's high time for the official news. On Tuesday, July 3, Kristin and Kevin Richardson became parents... Congratulations!!!

According to the information from Kevin's official MySpace, the baby boy was born at 4:56 a.m., being 8lbs. 2 ounces / 20.5 inches long. Mason (the name his parents gave him) and Kristin feel great now. Our congratulations on the long-awaited child!


They're back again?
posted by: Asjanja/ 05.12.2007

Those who are still looking forward for the Boys' comeback got the welcome news last week. Two new songs are available now - a beautiful ballad Happily Never After and a cover version of Mike Leon Grosch's Helpless When She Smiles. Well, material drain before the official release has become a tradition :)

Those who haven't heard the songs can download them in the Audio section. The lyrics and translations are available in the LYRICS section. Besides, you can vote for Happily Never After at the 102.7 KIIS-FM site that has given the fans the opportunity to listen to this song (here). You can also download Helpless When She Smiles performed by Mike Leon Grosch and compare it with the Backstreet Boys' version (download).

Share your impression of the songs in the Guestbook or Forums.


Fourteen years together
posted by: Asjanja/ 04.20.2007

14 years together

How many times did sceptics and cynics say that the Backstreet Boys were going to break up? The fans simply cannot count... We would definitely become millionaires if we take a penny from everyone who spoke of the Boys as a one-hit wonder.

Well, let them talk We are still, as always, looking forward for each new record no matter whether it will be the last or not. Because as long as we, their fans, are, the Backstreet Boys are.
Happy Birthday!!!


Congratulations, Brian
posted by: Asjanja/ 02.20.2007

It's a birthday time again. This time we congratulate Brian who is celebrating his 32nd birthday today.

We would definitely like our lively B-Rok to stay such a cheerful and merry person and make us enjoy his wonderful songs and performances again and again.
You can leave your congrats in guestbook and forum as before.

There is a gossip that the Backstreet Boys have already recorded their new album and the title of the first single is also known. But we are waiting for the official confirmation. Only time can tell us whether it's true or not.
And now you can download the old concert "Homecoming: Live in Orlando" (ripped) in the MULTIMEDIA section, tell us what you are looking for in Your Requests and leave a few words in the GUESTBOOK.


Nick's Birthday!!!
posted by: Asjanja/ 01.28.2007

Happy Birthday, Nick!


Happy Birthday, AJ MCLEAN!!
posted by: Nata/ 01.09.2007

We congratulate AJ McLean and all of the Backstreet fans on AJ's birthday! Wish him much success in his work, good luck in his private life and simply lots of happiness.

You can leave your congrats in guestbook and forum. Don't forget to look through the other sections - we are constantly updating them. You can leave all of your requests in our guestbook or you can send them to our e-mail. Wish all of you Happy holidays!


Happy New Year!
posted by: Asjanja / 12.30.2006

We congratulate heartily all of the Backstreet fans on New Year! Wish you happiness and joy, fruitful work and good luck, big and small (but only pleasing!) surprises in 2007!

Don't forget to visit our site - now we are working on its development. We are constantly updating Discography, Media, Lyrics, we are also planning to make the English version of the site and upload new photos in Photogallery. Finally Your Requests section is open, there you can leave your request for any multimedia file. And don't forget to leave your comments/wishes/proposals in Guestbook or the tag-board.


Never say "never"
posted by: Asjanja / 11.26.2006

There're encouraging news for all of the Backstreet fans. Kevin Richardson was interviewed on Breakfast Television, November, 23, and he said that he might reconsider his flat decision about never coming back to the group. He revealed that he and his wife were planning to have a baby, but he might think of coming back to the Backstreet Boys in the future. "Never say 'never'" he told his interviewer.

Thanks Citynews.ca for the news.


posted by: Nata / 09.19.2006

Please, vote for our project in Moon Girl Awards

A bit of news: Kevin Richardson signed a contract with a new label RONIN MUSIC GROUP according to his MySpace information. AJ McLean appeared on stage on Dan Muckala Tribute (September, 5), together with Dan he performed "Incomplete" and three songs from his solo album.

For news - thanks BSBelement (that's the site where you can find more information about those events)

New design
posted by: Nata / 08.19.2006

As you can see our site has a new design made by kirik (thank him very much!) . Photogallery, Guestbook & forum are open and they work well. Discuss Brian's beard, express your views on AJ's painted finger-nails, express your thanks to Kevin, read rumours about Nick and look through Howard's photos in our forum. Download funny photos of the Boys, look through new pics of AJ & Kaci in our Photogallery. We are looking for helpers! Mail to this address. You can also take part in our contest "Fan of the month": just send your photos with your explanations why YOU must become the fan of the month.